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About Hanna

Welcome to my page! From inquiring to booking to wedding day, I'm pretty sure we'll be besties by the end of it. Makeup is my passion, my livelihood and my favorite form of self care. I have always loved playing with makeup since I can remember. Whether I was stealing my moms Clinique eyeshadows, or getting ready for a school dance. I have been in the Bridal Makeup industry since 2017 and cannot imagine having another career. I was always the girl who had no clue what they wanted to do, but I knew I loved makeup and working with others. And the rest is history. I've lived in Bonita Springs since 2018 and am so fortunate to call this home. My camera roll is filled with my favorite things. My fiancé, makeup, our fur babies, and french fries. 

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The Small Details

Whether you're newly engaged, eloping or in the midst of all things wedding planning my goal is not only to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself, but to support you through the entire process. With over a 150 dream weddings I've been so fortunate to be apart of, I have been able to experience so many beautiful and unique wedding days. I work with the industry's top leading professionals and have created a vendor guide I would love to share with you. With every bridal group I work with, you are guaranteed a customized timeline, personalized touch up kits, and makeup to last you from walking down the aisle to cutting the cake.

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